New Three Sacred Treasures (新・三種の神器)

Today I'll tell you about Three Sacred Treasures in Japan. Don't you know? The original treasures are the sword Kusanagi, the jewel magatama, and the mirror Yata no kagami, which the emperor maybe possess. However, these Treasures have changed according to with the times.

In the 1950th 1950's, they consist of were a television set (black and white), washing machine, and refrigerator.
In the 1960th 1960's, there are were called 3C: Color television, Cooler (air conditioner), and Car.
In the beginning of the 21st century, someone some say they consist of are digital camera, DVD recorder, and flat panel display, and others say 3P: Personal computer, Pager (mobile phone), and Playstation (game machine).

Then, what shold will be the New Three Treasures in the future?

I think they consist of will be 3V;

(1) PV: PhotoVoltaic cell
(2) EV: Electric Vehicle (or HV: Hybrid Vehicle)
(3) SV: Stereo Vision

The PV provides us much energies energy. The energies help energy helps us go anywhere by using the EV. And we can communicate with each other virtually by the SV, so we can work at home allmost all the time... How What do you think?
(revised on May 25th)





(1) PV : PhotoVoltaic cell(太陽電池)
(2) EV : Electric Vehicle (or HV: Hybrid Vehicle)(電気自動車/ハイブリッド自動車)
(3) SV : Stereo Vision