Indian stock prices (インドの株価)

When I read the newspaper, which I do almost every weekday, I glance at a viewgraph graphs of many kinds of world index prices. I am not had not been interested in it them until I was impressed by looked at one in the newspaper on May 19th. The viewgraph graph showed that only the "Mumbai SENSEX index" rose remarkably. Where is Mumbai?... Oh, it's in India.

It shows showed that the Indian index prices rose 17% in a day. What's going on? Then I checked the news and understood. In India, a general election was held and a the ruling party won overwhelmingly. Indian stock market recieved before the news that as very good impression news. The index price rose up to limited prices and to its limit before the market closed at noon.

Indian index prices has recovered to the level of last September, Lehman Shock.
(rev. on May 30)