After the Extinction (絶滅後)

Yesterday when I watched a Japanese news, I was interested in comments of an economic analyst. He says "In this economic crisis, the investment banks have become extinct like dinosaurs."

Yes. The investment banks, such as Lehman Brothers, were like dinosaurs. They became too big to live. Thier playground was the stock market. They could eat many kinds of foods. Especially, thier favorite food was "real estates estate"(note: the word "real estate" doesn't form the plural) . They crunched the food into bits. Their weapon was the financial engineering, strengthen by the internet technology. But some of the foods had a poison called subprime mortgage. The dinosaurs had already known the dangerous substance, but they ignored it for their temporal prosperity. In addition, their weapon, financial engineering had maybe still not completed (note: this sentence is difficult to understand). At last the poisons exploded in thier stomach. It killed dinosaurs themselves, and infected to the world.

Well, the analyst on the show also said "Next species like the mammals will grow up." The investers begin to seek the new species. Do you know what will grow up as the mammals what the mammal will be?
(revised in May 7, 2009)