How's business? (景気はどう?)

This week the Japanese stock price rose up strongly. The closing price was highest in of this year. Is the recession recovering over? The US government announced a result of assesment against banks, so-called stress test. The result shows 10 of 19 banks need additional capital. However, many investers recieved the result as a good news.

Since the middle of this January, I began to invest in some funds which are connected with index prices. The index prices are Japanese stock, Japanese bond, global stock, and global bond. I have checked their movement almost everyday. It has been a good way for me to study finance. Here, I show the result of their movement.

Japanese stock: +14%
Japanese bond: +4%
Global stock: +19%
Global bond: -0.4%

Fortunately, I made a profit. At first, stock prices fell down slightly especially in February. Their bottoms were in the middle of May, and prices have risen up since then. I'll check them continuously and report again.
(reveised in May 15, 2009)



日本株式: +14%
日本債券: +4%
海外株式: +19%
海外債券: -0.4%