The Sports Day (運動会)

My daughter had a sports day in at her kindergarten today, so I also took part in it. Children of three kindergartens gathered in a gym, and they and their parents played with some kinds a variety of special sports. I hear that there are no such events in the Weastern countries,

My daughter played a ball-toss game, in which balls are thrown into basket on set on top of a high pole. I playedran an egg and spoon race, by using a ping-pong ball and ladle.

I collected the words names of such sports for the event day here.

# a race
# a ball-toss game
# an egg and spoon race
# a tug of war
# a three-legged race
# a mock cavalry battle; in which people ride on others' backs.




# a race かけっこ
# a ball-toss game 玉入れ
# an egg and spoon race スプーンレース
# a tug of war 綱引き
# a three-legged race 二人三脚
# a mock cavalry battle 騎馬戦(「うその」「騎兵の」「戦い」)