Perspective Vortex (大局的な渦)

Today there was the general election in Japan. The ruling party will be changed. I wonder if it's good or bad. In spite of the result, the new stream comes soon. Either way, we will see a new stream. Well, it's probably a small problem compared with the history of the earth, probably. The following short video is interesting. We can see an illustration of how our continents have moved until now and will move in the future.

Total perspective vortex(Wired News, 12 August 2009)
I have no idea whether the sequence above is an accurate forecast for the next 120 million years, but it's a certainly a hypnotic video. Watching 650 million years slip past in little more than a minute puts things into perspective...


全ての対局的な渦(Wired News, 12 August 2009)