Untitled Concert (題名のない音楽会)

Today I went to a concert with my colleague. I got the ticket from my a relative. Thank you so much... It was a TV show "Untitled concert" which was is a long-lived program of classical music in Japan. Two stories were recorded today, and they will be broadcasted on October 4th and 11th.

Both stories focused on wind-instrument music or brass bands. We had a very good time to hear listening to such music. It makes me refresh. It refreshes me. Mana-Kana, Japanese twin actresses were the guests in one of the stories.

今日は同僚とコンサートに行きました。親戚からそのチケットをもらいました。どうも、ありがとうございます。。。それはTV番組「題名のない音楽会」です、これは日本ではクラシック音楽の長寿番組(a long-lived program)です。 今日は2つの話を収録しました、そしてそれらは10月4日と11日に放映される予定です。