Extract a tooth (抜歯)

I had extracted a tooth extracted yesterday. It was a wisdom tooth at on the lower left. The operation procedure was over in only 15 minutes. by using anesthesia, but But a stinging pain has continued after I came out from under the anesthetic. The bleeding didn't stop until last midnight. My face swelled up a little. I have taken a painkiller at every meal.

Now I am recovering from the pain. I thought think it's important to maintain my health. Once I have a pain or disease, I have no choice but to do nothing or suffering.

私は昨日、抜歯(extract a tooth)しました。それは左下(the lower left)の親知らず(a wisdom tooth)でした。手術はものの15分位で、麻酔(anesthesia)を使って終わりました、でも、ずきずきする痛み(a stinging pain)が麻酔が切れた(came out from under the anesthetic)後に続きました。出血は昨晩遅くまで止まりませんでした。顔は、少し腫れ上がって(swelled up)います。食事ごとに、痛み止めを飲んで(take a painkiller)います。