Lego bricks (レゴの世界)

Do you know the Lego? It's Lego is colorful interlocking plastic bricks. It was a products of Lego, Denmark company. The toy can construct many kinds of structures, such as vehicles, robots, animals, or so. Today I'll show you two stories. One is a project to restore old buildings with lego bricks. The other is a video which express covers a the history of video games.

Berlin buildings bandaged with Lego bricks (, May 28,2009)

8-Bit Trip: 1500 Hours of Lego Stop-Motion in Four Awesome Minutes (, August 31, 2009)


ベルリンの建物がレゴブロックで修復される(, May 28,2009)

8ビットの旅:制作に1500時間かけたストップモーション、4分間で表現(, August 31, 2009)