Obama, Ballon, and Songs (オバマ、気球、歌)

I picked up some US news that I was interested in recently. I felt something odd from these three news. They are about Obama's Nobel Prize, flying balloon with kid, and singing people in conference.

Obama: Nobel Prize a "Call To Action" (CBS, Oct. 9, 2009)
President Said He Was "Surprised and Deeply Humbled" By Award, But Will Accept..President Barack Obama said he doesn't feel he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but will accept the award as a "call to action."

He will be a good president. But I think it's little bit hasty to give him the prize...

Affidavit: Balloon Mom Admitted Hoax (CBS,Oct. 23, 2009)
Court Documents Reveal Mayumi Heene Told Deputies She and Husband Knew All Along Boy Was Hiding in House, Told Kids to Lie.. The mother of the 6-year-old boy once feared missing inside a runaway helium balloon admitted the whole saga was a hoax, according to court documents released Friday.

Japanese media also pay attention to the news because she is from Japanese.

A Health Care Protest -- In Song (CBS,October 23, 2009)
Members of the insurance industry may as well have been walking into a lion's den when they converged in Washington this week for their annual State Issues conference.

They were singing in the conference. That's funny. What are they protesting? Anyway, they sang very well.


オバマ氏: ノーベル賞は「行動への呼びかけ」"(CBS, Oct. 9, 2009)
大統領は”驚きと共に深く謙虚に(humbled)"と賞に対して述べる、しかし受諾する模様..Barack Obama大統領は、自分はノーベル平和賞に値しないと感じている、しかし「行動への呼びかけ」として賞を受け入れる。


供述書(Affidavit):「気球ママ」は「やらせ」(hoax)を認める (CBS,Oct. 23, 2009)
議会証言はMayumi Heeneが代理人(deputy)に、自分と夫が少年を家に隠したことを知っており、子供に嘘をつかせた、と証言した。..6歳の少年、飛んでいったヘリウム気球の中に行方不明とみられた、の母は、全ての出来事(saga)はいたずらである、と金曜日に公開された議会証言によって認めた


医療サービスへの抗議 -- 歌にのせて (CBS,October 23, 2009)