Blade-Free Fan (羽根の無い扇風機)

The company Dyson, which is famous for a Vacuum-cleaner, is now developing a new electric fan. The fan has no blade. That's fanny.., oops, no way, that't funny!

First Look: Dyson’s Blade-Free Wonder Fan Blows Our Minds (, October 12, 2009)
James Dyson has a fetish for making unusual products: everything from vacuums that suck (in a good way) to hand dryers that blow (also in a good way), each use a clever combo of eye-catching design along with innovative methods of compressing and dispensing air. But even we in the Lab weren’t prepared for the WTF moment when we pulled Dyson’s blade-less Air Multiplier fan from its packaging.


第一印象:ダイソンの不思議な羽無し扇風機が心を吹き動かす (, October 12, 2009)
James Dyson氏は一風変わった製品を作ることに執着してきた。掃除機からハンドドライヤーまで、空気を圧縮したり出したりする革新的な方法と、目を引くデザインが巧みに組み合わせられている。しかし、われわれ(Wiredブログ『Gadget Lab』のメンバー)でさえ、羽根のない扇風機『Air Multiplier』の梱包を解いたときは驚かずにいられなかった。