Another Saturn Ring (もう一つの土星の輪)

The planet Saturn has a ring, you know. Do you know another ring around the planet? Scientists discovered the ring whose size is massively big. The famous magazine Nature and many newspapers reported the news.

Huge 'ghost' ring discovered around Saturn (Nature, 7 October 2009)
Saturn's ring system has just got a lot larger, with the discovery of a faint ring that stretches out millions of kilometres into space.

New ring detected around Saturn(BBC, 7 October 2009)

Scientists discover massive ring around Saturn (CNN)

If we were able to see the ring from Earth, it would appear to be twice the size of the moon... Wow.


巨大な「見えない」輪を土星の周りに発見 (Nature, 7 October 2009)

新しい輪が土星の周りに見つかる (BBC, 7 October 2009)

科学者は土星の周りに巨大な輪を発見 (CNN)