Visual Thinking (図解思考)

I wish I could think of many interesting ideas. The visual thinking is good way to realize that, I think. Now I started to train the thinking by daily newspapers. I am referring to the a book "Kiji Tore (in Japanese)" which means trainings by using news articles (kiji). The following picture is one of my thinkings. The article of the picture is on today's Nikkei and reported Nikon sells high-quality camera to NASA.

NIKON got orders from NASA.

Articles on newspapers are usually written with 5W1H; that is; who, when, where, why, and how. But business person like me should read articles focusing on 3W1H, which are who, whom, what, and how much. This Kiji-Tore method can clarifies them and understand us relations among three element of 3M, which are men (women), materials, and money. Not only we can know the fact of the article well, but also we may get opinions and ideas for the article. I think the method is simple and good, so I started to train.



新聞の記事というものは通常、「5W1H」を使って書かれています。すなわち、who, when, where, why, howです。でもビジネスパーソンは記事について「3W1H」にフォーカスして読むべきです。すなわち、who, whom, what, how muchです。この「記事トレ」はそれらを明らかにし、3つの要素、3M、すなわちヒト、モノ、カネの関係を理解することができます。私達はその記事の事実をよく理解できるだけでなく、その記事について意見やアイディアを持ったりすることが出来るかもしれません。その方法は簡単で良いと思っています、ので、訓練し始めました。.

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