Error Correction 3 (間違い訂正3)

My blog articles are sometimes checked by my English teacher. I wonder I have improved my English... Anyway, I corrected mistakes in the following articles;

6/6 The Sports Day (運動会)
8/30 Perspective Vortex (大局的な渦)
9/1 Untitled Concert (題名のない音楽会)
9/3 Tubular Cloud (すごい雲)
9/5 Picture book: After Raining (英語版「あめがふったあと」)
9/7 Mount Oyama (大山にいきました)
9/9 Lego bricks (レゴの世界)
9/11 September 11th (9月11日)
9/13 A girl who sings the Anthem (国家を歌う少女)
9/15 A year since collapsed (崩壊から1年)
9/17 Magic Wand (魔法の杖)
9/19 Extract a tooth (抜歯)
9/21 Attack of black kite (トビの襲来)
9/23 7 billion in the world (70億人)
9/25 Investment in Stocks (株式投資)
9/27 Center of the Earth (地球の中心)
9/29 Akihabara (秋葉原)
10/5 Future Vehicle (未来の乗り物)
10/7 Nobel Prize in Physics (ノーベル物理学賞)