Most Faborite Articles (最もお気に入りランク)

Today is the last day of this year, therefore this article is the last one of the year. Yesterday I summarized the most hit articles. Today I summarized my favorite articles. First, I was very impressed with my daughter's growing up, such as her picture book. Second, I newly studied economics and investments because of the financial crisis. And third, I started to contribute videos to youtube. I could have many experience through this blog.

[Top 20s]
1st: Picture book: After Raining (「あめがふったあと」)
2nd: 銘柄選択術(1)(2)(3)
3rd: Attack of black kite (トビの襲来)
5th: New Three Sacred Treasures (新・三種の神器)
6th: 生え変わり
7th: My Blog Book (私のブログ本)
8th: 子供にとっての「感動」とは
9th: 兵庫県 三木市(1)(2)
10th: After the Extinction (絶滅後)
11th: Magic Wand (魔法の杖)
12th: やわらか戦車
13th: ストライカー チョンテセ
14th: ボクノート
15th: Revolving Sushi Bar (回転ずし)
16th: Center of the Earth (地球の中心)
17th: 新キャラ誕生 かわいろ
18th: クジラとイルカの違い
19th: 新型プリウス発売!試乗しました。
20th: マラソン

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I am very glad to have been able to write blogs. I'll continue to write them next year. See you soon!