Mega Earthquake (大地震)

Big or Mega Earthquakes... I'll talk about earthquakes. I came from near Kobe city, where the big earthquake 15 years ago today. The Great Hanshin earthquake whose magnitude was 7.3 hit near Kobe, Japan, causing extensive property damage and killing 6,434 people. There will be ceremonies in Kobe and other cities today. Well, I was at Nagano Prefecture at that time, so I didn't experience the earthquake directly. After I heard the news, I went back home by train. I brought my bicycle on the train because the train would stop at Osaka. I went by bicycle from Osaka to my hometown in Nishinomiya. It took about one hour. On the way back home, I watched many broken houses and rubble...Mmm, I want to talk about other experiences but I gave up because it's difficult to express (especially in English).

In the country Haiti, there was a huge earthquakes recently. The International Red Cross estimated that about three million people were affected by the quake, and 45,000–50,000 people killed... I pray their souls may rest in peace...

大きな、もしくは巨大な地震。。。地震の話をします。私は神戸近郊の出身です、15年前の今日、大きな地震がありました。阪神大震災(The Great Hanshin earthquake)はマグニチュード7.3で、日本の神戸を襲い、広大な土地の破壊と6,434人の犠牲者を出しました。今日は、神戸や他の町で式典が行われるでしょう。さて私はその時、長野県におりましたので直接はその地震を経験しませんでした。そのニュースを聞いた後、私は電車で帰省しました。私は電車に自転車を積んでいきました、電車は大阪で止まるということだったので。私は大阪から当時の実家である西宮まで自転車で行きました。約1時間程度だったでしょうか。その途中、多くの壊れた家や瓦礫を見ました。。。うむ、他の経験についてもお話したいのですが、あきらめます、うまく表現できそうにないので(特に英語では)。