Sentokun (せんとくん)

My Italian friend is gonna go to Nara this weekend. I told him to say hello to Sentokun. Do you know Sentokun? Recently my wife's friend went to Nara and gave us a souvenir (small chocolate pie), as shown in the following picture. You can see Sentokun on the package.


Is he cute, isn't he? He is an advertising character which Nara made recently. He was appeared on TV show last year. The show was Kohaku-Uta-gassen, usually called "Kohaku", which is the music show broadcasted annuall by NHK at on New Year's Eve. He appeared when the Sachiko Kobayashi sang. Sachiko was singing on a amazingly big statue like Buddhist statue. The face of statue looks Sachiko. Wow. I think Sentokun is her friend.


キュートですよ、ね。彼は奈良が最近作った、宣伝用キャラです。彼は昨年TVに出演していました。それは紅白歌合戦、よく「紅白」とも呼ばれますが、です。「紅白」は、NHKが毎年大晦日(New Year's Eve)に放送する音楽番組です。彼は小林幸子が歌うときに出演しました。幸子さんは、なんとも驚くべき大きさの像の上に乗って歌っておりました、大仏のような像の上に。その像の顔は、幸子さんに似ておりました。Wow。きっと、せんとくんは彼女の友人なのでしょう。