Complete Medical Checkup (人間ドック)

I entered the hospital for complete medical checkup, or general medical examination. It took two days. I had many examinations, such as an electrocardiogram, endoscopes for stomach and the large intestine, computerized axial tomography (CAT or CT) for the chest and the abdomen, and so on. I took a laxative for the intestine test, so I had to go to toilet many times... I was relieved my fat and cholesterol was low enough.

In the meantime, my daughter was running a fever of 39 degrees. She also went to the hospital... I will nurse her after my examination is over.

私は人間ドック(complete medical checkup、もしくはgeneral medical examination)のために、病院に入院しました。2日間ありました。たくさんの検査を受けました、例えば心電図(electrocardiogram)、胃(stomach)や大腸(the large intestine)の内視鏡(endoscopes)、胸(chest)や腹部(abdomen)のCTスキャン(computerized axial tomography)、などなど。私は腸の試験のために、下剤を服用しました、ので、何度もトイレに行かねばならず。。。私は、脂肪(fat)とコレステロール(cholesterol)が少なかったので安心しました。