Zoni Soup (お雑煮)

I tried to make Japanese traditional soup, zoni or o-zoni, which is often eaten for new year's celebration. In western region (Kansai) where I was born, the soup is generally flavored with miso. This year I had that kind of zoni when I was in my family visit. But I tried to make a western (Kanto) style zoni because I went back to Kanto area. The Kanto zoni has a clear soup (sumashi) which is flavored with soy sauce and stock (dashi) from sea tangle. The zoni is completed after putting vegetables and rice cakes (mochi).

I ate the zoni with osechi that I got from my mother. How nice.

私は日本の伝統的なスープであるお雑煮を試しに作りました、それは新年の祝いによく食べられるものです。私が生まれた関西では通常、スープは味噌で味付けされます。今年は帰省したときにその雑煮を食べました。しかし私は関東の雑煮を試しました、なぜなら関東に戻ってきたので。関東の雑煮は透明なスープ(おすまし)で、それは醤油(soy sauce)とこんぶ(sea tangle)のダシ(stock)で味付けされます。その雑煮は野菜とモチ(rice cake)を入れることで完成します。