Little Einsteins (リトル・アインシュタイン)

I watched the animation "Little Einsteins" after a long time. I had recorded many stories a few years ago. I watched some of them in English. They were good for my English learning. Today's topic is about the animation. Don't you know that? I think it is one of the best TV shows for kids. I don't think it broadcasts now on TV, but you can watch a little on the website. You can find that this animation is made by Disney.

I don't know why the title has "Einstein". I don't think it has a relation to the physicist, Albert Einstein. The story is about adventures of kids. Their names are Leo, June, Quincy, and Annie. In each program, firstly they get a mission, then they go to adventures to complete the mission. Classical musics are used here and there. Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak, and so on. It is the main reason that I like the animation. When Leo and other kids complete the mission, they say, "Mission completion!". And there is curtain call in the end. Cool.

My daughter often watched them in her 3 years old. She must be greatly influenced by the show. Her tone and behavior are like the character's ones. And she memorized many classical musics. But she couldn't memorize the title "Little Einsteins". She usually said "June's and Annie's"

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私の娘は3歳の頃、よく見ました。彼女はその番組にとっても影響を受けているに違いありません。彼女の口調や振る舞いは、キャラクターのそれに似ています。また、彼女は沢山のクラシック音楽を覚えました。 しかし彼女はそのタイトル「リトル・アインシュタイン」を覚えられませんでした。彼女はいつも「ジューンとかアニーとか」と言いました。


OK. Today's blog is over. Mission completion!






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