Best goal in Asia Cup (アジア杯のベストゴール)

Japanese team won the championship in the Asia Cup. Congratulations! By the way, which is the best goal for me? (JP) 日本代表がアジアカップ優勝しましたね。おめでとうございます。さてと、私にとってのベストゴールは何か?

As you know, there are almost no news about Asia Cup in the US. However, my colleague who likes soccer tell me about that. Then I watched some match on internet. Well, which is the best goal?

Lee's goal in final match is good, off course. But my favorite is Hosogai's goal in semi-final match. He got goal from a loose ball after Honda missed a penalty kick. Why he could get the goal. This video "Fukuda's comment" explain the reason well (but in Japanese). I like that kind of goal.

I ran over 3miles in a gym that my apartment owns. It's important for me to do exercise or sports. I sometimes play soccer, but don't have chances to do here in the US. That' why today's topic was about soccer.

(JP) ご存じと思いますが、アメリカではアジアカップのニュースなど、無いですね。でもサッカー好きの私の同僚がよく説明してくれました。そこでいくつかの試合をネットで見ました。さて、ベストゴールは?