Super Bowl

The big event was held today. It was a football game "Super Bowl". Many people, especially in mass media had been excited for that since the end of January. There were so many television commercials for the game, like "Let's enjoy the game with our foods and snacks!" In my apartment, many people were gathering to the lobby to see it. (JP) 今日はとてもビックイベントがありました。それは、アメフト(フットボール)の「スーパーボウル」です。多くの人々、特にマスコミは1月の終わりごろからずっと盛り上がっていました。「ぜひ、そのゲームを、私たちのフードとスナックで楽しもう!」みたいな。うちのアパートでも、多くの人がゲームを見るためにロビーに集まっていました。


Why do they like the Super Bowl? I asked some people about that and watched them enjoying. As a result, I found they are not so much interest in the game. Most of them don't know rules of football well, and even didn't watch the game but chatting. They really like events that they can enjoy gathering and talking. Nice culture. The winner is Green Bay Packers. I don't know where the team is... It's OK, because it's our style and culture.