Mandolin Orchestra

Hi, this is Yoshi. I joined a mandolin orchestra recently… Mandolin? Orchestra? You might not understand immediately what I’m saying. Well, there is a kind of musical instrument called mandolin, hmm, maybe you should know. Plus, there is a kind of orchestra by the mandolin music, dear me. I joined “Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra.”
How cool! It is located in the city Bloomfield, where is around 20 minutes south from my office (by car). We practice every Tuesday night (7:30-9:30 pm). I took a picture there.


Oh, there is almost no one… Well it’s because I took it before the practice. They call it not “practice” but “rehearsal.” Yep. It is like a rehearsal for the concert held on next month. I will play together in the concert on March 15th. Please come and listen our music. For around 2 hours, we play many kinds of classical music, including Vivaldi, Beethoven and so on. It costs $15. How nice! In the practice however, we argued that the fee is expensive or not. Some guy said “It’s too expensive. I’m serious!” However, time had been over to switch. A manager (who is also a player) persuaded him and us how much money is needed for our concert. It includes a donation to church, a reward for soloist, a fee for other members who came from Italy, and so on… Oh, year, what I want to say is, please buy a ticket like donation indeed. It will contribute to our orchestra, as well as our community. Do you come from Japan? Oh, Great Welcome!
I will finish today’s talk… Please let me talk about mandolin again…if you don’t mind.

なんとcoolな!それはBloomfield市にあって、オフィスから車で南へ20分程度です。毎週火曜の晩(7:30-9:30 pm)に練習しています。写真を撮ってみました。

お、ほとんど誰もおりませぬ。。。えと、それは、練習前だからですね。彼らは「練習」とはいわず「リハーサル」といいます。そう。来月の演奏会に向けてのリハーサルなのであります。私は3月15日のコンサートで一緒に演奏することになりました。どうぞ、私たちの音楽を聴きに来てください。約2時間で、沢山のクラシック音楽を演奏します、VivaldiやBeethovenなどなど。料金は$15。How nice! でも練習では、私たちはその金額が高いかどうかで議論になりました。ある方は「めっちゃ高いやん!ほんまに!」と吠える。しかしながら、それを変える余裕はもはや無く。マネージャ(も演奏します)は彼と私たちを説得しました、コンサートに如何にお金がかかるかを。それには、教会への寄付や、ソリストへの報酬、イタリアから来てくれる何人かのメンバーへの支払い、などなど。おお、そんなわけで、私が言いたいことは、チケット買ってね、寄付です、まさに。それはこのオーケストラへの貢献であるとともに、地域への貢献でもあるのです。え、日本から来ます?大歓迎!