Awards, then Batman

Hi, this is Yoshi. I watched the Academy Award last Sunday. The best picture was “The King’s Speech.” There are 10 nominees for best pictures, including Social Networks, Black Swan, Inception, and so on. I’d watched the King’s Speech in a theater just on last Saturday, so I was little bit glad that the movie won. I watched the show with other two colleagues. One of them knows movies well, at least much better than me. There are many actors and actress who appeared in the show, and he often told us who they were. He said, “Oh, he is Batman. The movie Batman is now being shot again.” Then I remembered that I had seen the shot in Manhattan on January. I took a picture as follows;


The black car must be Batman’s. I could see not Batman himself but only his car. It was in front of New York library.
When I told that to him, he envied me…Ahem.

こんにちは、Yoshiです。日曜日にアカデミー賞を見ました。最優秀映画賞は「The King’s Speech(邦題:英国王のスピーチ)」でした。最優秀映画には10の作品がノミネートされていました、Social Networks、Black Swan、Inceptionなどを含めて。私は土曜日にKing’s Speechを映画館で見たばかりだったので、ちょっと嬉しかったです。私は他の同僚2人とそのショーを見ました。彼らの一人は、映画を良く知っているみたい、すくなくとも私よりずっと。沢山の女優、男優が登場しましたが、彼はしばしば彼らが誰か教えてくれました。彼は言いました「お、あれはバットマンですね。また映画の撮影をしているそうですね」と。おっと思いだした、1月にマンハッタンでバットマンの撮影現場を見たのを。写真を掲載します。