Silicon Valley

Hi, this is Yoshi. I went to Silicon Valley last month. I know it’s too late as a diary. Sorry about that. I will go to Los Angeles soon, so please let me submit this article before the LA trip. Well, please see a map I made.


It is the map including San Francisco and Silicon Valley. You can see a circle with dashed line. The area is called Silicon Valley, in which many companies relating high-tech business are gathering. My office in California is in San Mateo, where is at the edge of the Valley. In my business trip on February, I visited six companied located in five cities. They are Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Newark, and Mountain View. I had precious chances to have many tough meetings.
By the way, when I was drawing the map, I felt what the map looked. It is fish, isn’t it? There bridges are his teeth (shown yellow lines in the map). I added his eye anyway. Where is it? If we make new factory or company there, we will be “the eye” in the region...never mind.
Well, please keep waiting for my next reports in LA.


このマップは、サンフランシスコとシリコンバレーを含んでいます。破線の円がありますね。ここがいわゆるシリコンバレーで、沢山のハイテク企業があつまっています。私のカリフォルニアオフィスはサンマテオ(San Mateo)にあるですネ。今回の2月出張では、5都市の6企業を訪れました。Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Los Gatos, Newark, Mountain Viewです。多くのタフな打ち合わせを持つことができ、貴重な機会でした。
ところで、地図を描いているときに、地図が何かに見えるなあ、と思いました。お魚、ですかね。3つの橋は歯でしょう(地図では黄色線です)。 とりあえず、目をつけたしてみました。ここはどこ?もし新しい工場や会社を立ち上げるならココだね、その周辺で「目」になれますよ、きっと。。。なんて。。
次回はLAレポートですので、keep waitingでお願いします。