Revival Moment (復興の時)

Hi, this is Yoshi. For my heart, I deeply pray for the souls of the victims... We are in so terrible situation of disaster and devastation. However now, we are alive. So let us revive. Like our ancestors could do. We Japanese have overcome many tragedies such as Great Kanto earthquake, Great Hanshin earthquake, and so on.

I’ll show you a picture below. It is the TETSUJIN, as you know. It was constructed at Shin-Nagata in Kobe where many people passed away at the previous earthquake. When I come back to my hometown in Kobe, I visit every time. How big and how looks strong he is. I like him and this place so much.

(Photographed by Muramasa, 2009-12-29)

All I can do might be to pray so far. But eventually I will find my task to contribute to the revival. We are not alone, and so are you. We have power to revive, and so do you.