Mandolin Concert, March 15th

Hi, this is Yoshi. I played at a concert recently. It was held by our mandolin orchestra and another orchestra invited from Italy, so it was like a joint concert. It was a good chance for me to play the mandolin and communicate with many people. Let me show you some details.


The above picture shows the hall we played. It was a church. I took this picture about 30 minutes ago of the concert, but there are already many audiences. I think the number of audience of the concert was about a hundred. When I entered this hall, I was moved by a feeling that I could play the mandolin in such a good place. At the same time, I thought of the disaster in Japan, and then I offered my prayer for a short time.


The picture shows the overview of the church located in Montclair, New Jersey. It looks holy. Since the person who has a key to enter didn’t come for a while, we must wait outside and had almost no time to setup and practice.

The concert was entitled “An International Mandolin Summit.” The program of the concert is as follows;

[Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra]
The Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key
Benvenuto Concert-Overture, Jacob do Bandolim
Adagio for Strings, Samuel Barber
Angelare, Traditional Italian
Dionysius’ Dream, John T. LaBarbera
Nel giardino di Orfeo, John T. LaBarbera
Tarantella del ‘600, Traditional Italian
A Tazza ‘E Café, Capaldo/ Fassone
La festa splendora, Joh. B. Kok
Tra veglia e sonno, Luigi Canora
Il bacio, Luigi Arditi

[Orchestra dell’ Accademia Internazionale di Mandolino]
Simple Suite, Dimitri Nicolau
Broadway 79, Victor Kioulaphides
Suite Campesina, Sebastien Paci
C. P. O. Rhapsody, Stefano Squarzina
Da un balcone ungherese, Nicodemo Bruzzone

[Joint orchestra]
Concerto No. 6 in A Minor (RV 356), Antonio Vivaldi

That’s all. It contains much music, and it took about two and a half hours to play all. How long the concert was! I thought it should be more shorten next time.

Well, I did not have some of music until the day of the concert. One of them is the first song, The Star Spangled Banner. When I hear the name, I didn’t know what the song is at once. But When I got the music just before the concert, I surprisingly found it was the national anthem of the USA! That’s very honor that I could play the song. In the concert, all the audience stood up during playing. I was so impressed by the behavior and I felt I would be a kind of citizen in this country.

Firstly our orchestra (Bloomfield) played. I felt fear during our play. It is because there were so many situations that the music was almost broken and stopped. I never joined such a dangerous orchestra! It was fun as a good experience for me, though. Plus the hall was very cold, so my finger became frozen and my body was trembled.
On the other hand, another orchestra (International Academy) plays very well. They played very advanced and contemporary music. I was very glad to know there was such a good mandolin orchestra in the world.
Finally, we two orchestras played the concert by Vivaldi, inviting a soloist of the violin. It was also good, but many audiences looked full of music.


The above was taken in our party a day before the concert. They enjoyed much music and chatting. They speak English and Italian, so I felt where I was. How interesting.





コンサートは「An International Mandolin Summit(国際マンドリンサミット)」と名付けられました。コンサートのプログラムは以下の通りです;

[Bloomfield Mandolin Orchestra]
[Orchestra dell’ Accademia Internazionale di Mandolino]
[Joint orchestra]


えと、私はコンサート直前まで、いくつかの楽譜を持っていませんでした。その一つが最初の曲、「The Star Spangled Banner」でした。その名前を聞いたときは、どんな曲かわかりませんでした。でも楽譜をもらった時、私は驚くように気付きました、それがアメリカ国歌であることに!その曲を弾くことが出来て、とても光栄です。コンサートでは、演奏中、聴衆全員が起立しました。その立ち振る舞いといいますか、とても感動しました、そしてなんだか、この国の市民になれたような気がしました。










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