Went back Japan for a while (一時帰国)

Hi, this is Yoshi. Last week I went back to Japan and stayed for a week. That was for business trip to have several meetings there. However, I was very glad to see my family. I could attend a school entrance ceremony for my daughter, and also celebrate her birthday party held ahead of time. It was also good chances to see Japan of nowadays. The Japan after shocking of the earthquake. I went to Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture that were not close to epicenter and nuclear plants, so I and my family can live there like almost as usual. However there were several changes.

#1: Reduced electricity
It was for saving. Some of light and machines such as escalator and elevator have been stopped. So, many streets, building, and trains seemed dim. Some trains were skipped, so I was delayed to go to some meeting. Many factories and theme park like Disney Land have been closed because of scheduled blackouts.

#2: Shortage of some foods and water
Many people want to buy and stock mineral water. So do we. It is for my baby who is more sensitive against radiations. However, there was no such water in every stores. We were sent them from my parent who lived in west Japan. In stores, there were almost no natto (fermented beans). I like it very much and I wanted to have in this trip (I could have it, fortunately).

#3: Aftershocks
Aftershocks have continued. We had a big aftershock in the stay. It was the biggest since the main earthquake. My condominium was shaken. We hugged each other and kept freeze. Many Japanese must fear such shocks.

I had a terrible hay fever. My nose were always running, and God blessed me (sneeze) so many times. So, it was little bit difficult for me to keep my condition well.





花粉症。私の鼻はずっとrunning(出っぱなし)でしたし、たくさんのGod bless(くしゃみ)をもらいました。ので、体調を整えるもの難しかったですね。







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