Wall Street

Hi, this is Yoshi. I went to Wall Street recently. It’s on Sunday, so there seemed no business persons but many tourists. You can see the street in the picture. In the end of street, there is Trinity Church, a famous historical place. New York Stock Exchange is near there on the left. I wanted to enter there, but it was closed.


Also you can see the flag on Japan. I think the flag was on the Museum of American Finance to pray for Japan. I’d like to thank for their concerns. I often think of financial situation of Japan. How should we recover from the disaster financially? Should we publish more bonds for recovery and stimulus? (Basically yes so far). How are the currency and interest rates going on? These are kinds of my homework in the US.




日本の旗が見えますね。これはアメリカ経済博物館(Museum of American Finance)が掲げているらしく、日本に祈りを捧げているのだと思います。お気づかいに感謝したいと思います。しばしば、日本の経済状況について思いを馳せます。どのようにこの災害から経済的に回復するのか?より多くの国債を復興および刺激のために発行すべきか?(基本的にはYes、今のところ)通貨や金利はどこへ行くのか?これらはアメリカでの、私の宿題でもあります。