Mandolin Concert, May 1st

Hi, this is Yoshi. Long time no see. I couldn’t update the blog because of lots of tough works for me. During the period, there were several topics to show you...but, today I write an article for the concert held on the beginning of this month. I played the mandolin with my orchestra on May 1st. It is a closing concert for our season.

This picture is an advertisement of the concert. The concert was entitled ‘Mandolin Music through the Centuries.’ How gorgeous it is, isn’t it? The program is as follow;

The Star Spangled Banner, Francis Scott Key
Benvenuto Concert-Overture, Joh. B. Kok
Minuet in G, L. van Beethoven
Suite Serenade, John T. LaBarbera
L’estro armonico, concerto Op.3, No. 8, Antonio Vivaldi

Serenade for Violin and Guitar, Mauro Giuliani
Mandolinata, Victor Kioulaphides
Swimming Down the Stars, Jonathan Jensen
Il bacio, Luigi Arditi
‘A tazza ‘e café, Capaldo/ Fassone
Tra veglia e sonno, Luigi Canora
Concerto No 6 in A Minor (RV 356), Antonio Vivaldi

There were two Concertos of Vivaldi. The concerto Op.3 was originally written for two violins, but we played by two harmonicas. It is a kind of new trial. So, it seems good program. However in fact, I was so nervous for the concert. It is because of the lack of practicing. The previous concert was held on the middle of March. This concert is about one and a half month later after the previous one. It looked completely no time to practice. Of course some of the music were the same as played in the previous, but there were many new songs that are difficult for us to play. I had thought in myself ‘Oh, we must need a half of a year more, but how brave we are!’ But just before the concert, our concert master said out loud, ‘The concert is like a Titanic...' It makes sense.

Eventually, the concert was good. Our play was not only bad, but also the best performance. One reason is some of the music were cancelled because of ‘in case of emergency.’
What a relief, anyway! I’ll show you some pictures in below.

It is the place we played. It is a middle school. It was held on Sunday. In the field of the school, there were many kids and their parents playing soccer.

This picture was taken before the concert. It was so mess. You can see a big television sitting in the center of the hall, as it is a conductor. We must have pushed it back somewhere by ourselves.

The picture shows the entrance of the hall. There is a decoration saying ‘WELCOME.” Strictly speaking, it is the welcome not for us and audience, but for the students visiting the middle school.

I took the picture in the end of the concert. The conductor was giving the audience a farewell talk. He is good at talking and charging the audience up.