Coin collecting

Hi, this is Yoshi. I am collecting coins now. In the US, there are many kinds of quarters that have different pictures. You know how many states are in the country. I will complete all the quarters for states soon.


This picture shows how many I did collect. After taking the picture, I got Texas (TX), Oklahoma (OK), Alabama (AL), and Washington (WA). Therefore, I need only two more; Florida (FL) and Colorado (CO).

When my colleague recommended me to collect, I hesitated to do because it looked boring. However once I started, I was addicted to do. To get lucky coins, I have come to enjoy shopping by cash. A good merit is to understand what states are in the US and where.

The person who collects coins is called numismatist. This is one of the approaches for Numismatics ( My English teacher, means my colleague, taught me the word, but it is very easy to forget.

Well, do you know the US has territories called Commonwealth, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, and so on? They also become quarters, so I need to collect. Furthermore, the new program, America the Beautiful Quarters, has begun ( Some new quarters are published, and other 50 coins will be released in 10 year… Numismatics never ends.



この写真は、どのくらい集めたかを示しています。写真を取った後、さらにTexas (TX), Oklahoma (OK), Alabama (AL), and Washington (WA)を集めました。ですので後は、Florida (FL) and Colorado (CO)を残すのみとなります。


コインを収集する人のことを、numismatistと呼びます。これは貨幣学Numismatics (にとって、一つのアプローチです。私の英語の先生、すなわち同僚、はこの単語を教えてくれましたが、すぐ忘れてしまいます。

さて、アメリカにはコモンウェルスと呼ばれる領土があります、例えばPuerto Rico, Guamといった場所です。それらもクオーターになっております、ので集めないとね。さらには、America the Beautiful Quartersなる新しいプログラム (が始まりました。幾つかの新しいクオーターが発行され、さらに50種類位のコインが10年位かけて発行されます。。。貨幣学は、永遠に。。。