Oh, my bed!

Hi, this is Yoshi. Here is my bed. Basically, I was not a bed-guy. I mean, I have been used not bed but futon. So, I am a futon-guy. I have used on this bed for half a year since this January. It's comfortable and good, except for one issue. That is; I sometimes fall from the bed... Oh, my bed!

I think I am tossing and turning there very much. Furthermore it's hot and humid recently, so I will toss and turn more. It is less humid here in New York than in Japan, but this year the humidity is higher than typical years.

こちらは私のベッドでございます。基本的に、私はベッド人間ではありませんでした。すなわち、これまでずっとベッドではなく布団を使っておりまして。布団人間、というわけです。1月から約6ヶ月間、このベッドを使っています。寝心地は良いです、ただ一点を除いては。それは、時々ベッドから落ちること… Oh, my bed!


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