Bluegrass camp in Kentucky

Hi, this is Yoshi. Long time no see... I had many things during these days...including some tough works. Last week I went to Kentucky state to improve my instrument mandolin as well as my English. It's "Monroe-Style Mandolin Camp." Do you know Monroe? Yes, he is Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass music! You know bluegrass, don't you? Well, I don't know well; that's why I attended. If I could have a chance to talk about the music, let you know in this blog.

I spent three days there, which include 2.5 hrs for each flight between New York and Nashville in Tennessee, and other 2.5 hrs each trip between Nashville and Owensboro in Kentucky by car. There is a bluegrass museum in Owensboro, and the camp was held there. I devoted myself into the lesson. It's very tough for me to follow them technically as well for their native English, but I had a great moment there and made many bluegrass friends.

お久し振りです。。。最近までいろんなことがありました、タフな仕事も含め。先週、ケンタッキー州に行って参りました、私のマンドリンと英語を改善するために。それは、「モンロー・スタイル・マンドリン・キャンプ」でした。モンローって何? そう、ビル・モンローのことですね、ブルーグラスの父であるところの。ブルーグラスって、ご存知ですよね?って、私もよくワカリマセン。だから参加したのです。もしその音楽について話す機会が取れたら、このブログにて。


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