Famous Barbecue

Hi, this is Yoshi. I didn't know there is famous places for barbecue, or BBQ. In the US, there are many kinds of style for BBQ. This BBQ shown here is the one in Kentucky. This barbecue is famous for using mutton. I had other meat like pork and chicken as well, but they say Kentucky style is special to use mutton mainly. I went to the restaurant 'Moonlite Bar-B-Q' in the end of my camp for mandolin with every students; it is in the city Owensboro, and should be most famous restaurant around there. http://www.moonlite.com/
Also you can see a soup in the picture. It is famous soup with using mutton, called burgoo. It is especially famous in Owensboro.
バーベキュー、BBQで有名な場所があるとは初耳でした。米国では、多くのBBQスタイルがあります。この写真のものはケンタッキースタイルです。このBBQはマトンが使われます。ポークやチキンもあるのですが、ケンタッキーは特にマトンをメインに使うということで有名です。私が行ったのは'Moonlite Bar-B-Q' というお店で、マンドリン合宿の最後に皆で行きました。それはオウェンスボロの街にあり、おそらく一番有名な店のようです。 http://www.moonlite.com/