Thanksgiving party

Hi this is Yoshi. I was very happy to be invited to my friend's thanksgiving party! Here is some pictures taken there. On the upper left, you can see a turkey on the plate. It's was made by my friend's daughter. What a great work it is! Of cause we had real turkey as shown in the lower left. It was very big. Before the turkey roasted, some stuffing had been put into it. They say every family has their own recipes of stuffing. Our table is shown in the upper right. Before the meal, we prayed for thanksgiving with hand in hand. That was also precious moment for me. The meal is in the picture of the lower right. It includes traditional thanksgiving food like turkey, squash (orange ones), berry (red one) and so on. Gravy sauce is on them.

After the meal I played the mandolin with my friend. We played some bluegrass tunes. His father was also joined as a pianist. I had a very good time with them.